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Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Work from Routings, Drawings and Job Specifications to determine the assembly sequence, tools and gauges required and materials needed.
  2. Prepare, stage and count materials required. Conduct visual inspection of all parts received to assure they are free of rust, dents or other visible defects and damage. Coordinate materials requirements with the stock room.
  3. Prepare tools, gauges, test instruments, Quality check list, etc. needed, to complete each job.
  4. Do fitting and align to ensure free action of movable parts and operating requirements
  5. Use air and hydraulic hand tools, hoist and other available lifting devices
  6. Operates all the equipment necessary to test assembled cylinders; i.e.: test stand, spot welder, crane, pneumatic wrenches.
  7. Performs all tests and inspections required by the “final Inspection and test procedure”.
  8. Sets up and uses the basic precision measurement equipment and determines if the measurements are within the given specifications.
  9. Completes the required quality control inspection, documents, and reports.

Skills Required:

Ability to read, write, and communicate reasonable in English. Comprehend instructions, Work Orders, product information, equipment settings, etc. Work from written or verbal instructions.

Ability to work from drawings and specifications. Use required measuring instruments and gauging devices.

Lifting requirements up to 50 lbs. occasionally to 70 lbs.

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