Hanna Products

We have set industry standards for quality, reliability and long life in both pneumatic and hydraulic service with our Advance Design Features.

Series 3L Medium-Duty Hydraulic - Service to 1800 psi, 24 mounting styles, 1.50" through 6.00" bore sizes.NFPA Tie Rod Cyl
Series 2H Heavy-Duty Hydraulic -- Service to 3000 psi and up, 22 mounting styles, 1.50" through 14.00" bore sizes.

Series 3H Large Bore, Heavy-Duty Hydraulic - Pressure rated at 3000 psi, 7 mounting styles, 10.00" through 24.00" bore size.
Series 3A and 3AN Heavy-Duty Pneumatic - Air service to 250 psi, 22 mounting styles, 1.50" through 14.00" bore sizes.

Our heavy-duty hydraulic rotating cylinders provide optimum performance wherever rotation and linear actuation interface.  Applications include recoilers, uncoilers, tension reels, transfer line spindles and power chucking on machine tools.

Designed up to 500 RPM , Service to 1500 psi.Rotating Cylinder  Flush or Flange Mounted.  
Standard 4.00" through 24.00" bore sizes

Standard 20 GPM and 45 GPM couplings.
Specials up to 95 GPM couplings.

Extra heavy-duty hydraulic & pneumatic units specifically designed and built for extra-demanding applications.  We offer a wide range of rod and bore options to accurately and economically size the cylinder to meet specific application requirements.

Service up to 5000 psi.Mill Type Cylinder
7 mounting styles, 12 bores sizes from 2.00" to 24.00" and 14 standard rod sizes.

Metric bore and metric rod sizes are available, factory consultation required.

Built to withstand the rigors of marine, offshore and subsea service.   We design the market cylinders of choice for critical applications, including:  Riser Tensioners, Motion Compensation, Stab & Hinge-Over Connectors, Collet Connectors, Subsea Control Pod Actuators and Leveling Jacks and more. Design Standards (partial list):

Offshore Marine Cylinder

  ASME Sec VIII, Div I
  ABS, API, Det Norsk Veritas, UK-DEn
  United States Coast Guard

We offer a complete line of custom actuators designed for the demanding applications required in the Press Industry, including squeeze, load, 
centermech & SMO cylinders.

Press Cylinder

Hydraulic service up to 5000 psi.
Waterservice up to 500 psi.
Corrosion resistant materials - bronze, brass, stainless steel.
Variety of plating process - electroless nickel plating, zinc plating and Nitrotec plating.

Corrosion resistance combined with affordability make CA composite cylinders ideal for many low pressure air applications in harsh environments.Series CA Cylinder
Service up to 150 psi. 
Standard 1.50" through 6.00".
Can meet AWWA Specifications.
Special corrosion resistant materials, special coatings an heat treatments.

Designed for extreme duty applications to help support military vehicles required in a variety of applications. 

Military Cylinder

Small business cage code# 7D4J9.
Construct in accordance to MIL-I-45208, MIL-Q-9858 and AS9100 specifications.

Buildling cylinders for construction and mining machinery, heavy-duty forklifts, material handling equipment, manlifts, mobile cranes, off-road vehicles, military equipment and more are some of the tough applications for our heavy-duty, custom-welded cylinders. 

Mobile Custom Welded Cylinder

Standard sizes up to 12.00" bores.  
Specials up tp 30.00" bore sizes.
Special stroke lengths of 25' and beyond.

Widely used on high-quality, high-volume consumer and commercial lawn and garden equipment  Also ideal for material handling equipment, industrial cleaning machines, agricultural and other "off-road" applications. Double Welded Cylinder

Service up to 3000 psi. 
Standard 1.00" through 3.00" bore sizes.  
Larger sizes available if required, factory consultation required.
Beyond the Catalog Cylinders.  We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing custom cylinders on a one-of-kind basis as well as production runs.  We welcome these opportunities to solve difficult motion control problems for our customers!
Special Cylinder
  Extra-Large Bore SizesExtra-Long Strokes; High Pressure Ratings  Special Seal Design; Custom Mountings
  Corrosion Protection and Special Coatings and/or Materials 
  Other Unique Requirements


We offer the Nuclear power generation market a wide array of products,accessories, services and capabilities, including but not limited to: 
Piston Accumulators, Snubbers, Rotary Actuators and Linear Actuators. All of our Nuclear products are manufactured in accordance to the standards of our 10CFR50 appendix B quality assurance program.  Checkout our Nuclear Brochure for more details.

Rotary Actuators  
Certified Quarter-Turn Rotary Actuator   Safety-related, qualified to IEEE 323, 344, 382
  Service up to 250psi.
  Nuclear-qualified 7.00" - 24.00" bore sizes.   Commercial quality 6.00" - 32.00" bore sizes.
Rising Stem Actuators
  Qualified to AP1000                                                   Rising Stem Actuator
  Service up to 150 psi.
  4.00" - 30.00 " bore sizes.
  Double-acting thrust up to 56,000 lbs
  Fail-safe thrust up to 20,000 lbs
High-Pressure Air Actuators  
  High Pressure Air Actuators Intensified air service up to 300 psi.
   4.00" - 20.00" bore sizes.
   Thrust up to 60,000 lbs.
   Spring Fail Open
   Spring Fail Close
Nitrogen Gas-Charged Hydraulic Actuators
Nitrogen Gas-charged Hydraulic Actuator  Heavy-Duty Construction.
  Service up to 3000 psi.
  4.00" - 14.00" bore sizes.
  Thrust up to 300,000 lbs.

   Spring Fail Open
   Spring Fail Close
   Plumbed/Fixtured per customer specifications