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Since 1901.

Founded in 1901, Hanna Cylinders is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of premium quality, industrial grade tie-rod and custom engineered cylinders. We are a complete source for virtually any heavy duty pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder requirement. We specialize in custom designed and built cylinders, whether one piece or 50,000 cylinders per year.

We are an innovative and progressive manufacturing company, comprised of a team of skilled professionals, whose mission is to produce the highest quality products available in the market place. At Hanna, we believe that an unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, reliable service and employee involvement will guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, continued profitable growth and recognition as a long term supplier to the Fluid Power Industry.

To achieve this we have developed a simple ideology of work ethic and project management known to us as "The First 10%". This entails spending extra time and focus at the beginning of a project to ensure everything is right before any chips are even cut. This paves the way for smooth progress throughout the entire job and helps to eliminate potential issues that would usually surface in the last 10% of a project.

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